Kuhli Loach Care Guide

If you’re considering setting up a Kuhli Loach aquarium, you’re in the right place. Kuhli Loaches are relatively easy fish to care for, but it’s worth knowing the correct environment and care routine to keep them happy and healthy for as long as possible. I have a group of Kuhli Loaches in a small community … Read more

How Do I Know If My Betta Is Depressed?

It might seem strange to discuss the mental health of a fish, but Bettas are intelligent creatures. There are also a number of ways to tell if your Betta is depressed. Fish become depressed in a very similar way to how humans do. It’s an overwhelming sadness that can impact the overall quality of life … Read more

Can Bettas Eat Tropical Flakes?

There are a lot of different food options when it comes to feeding your Betta fish, and often one of the cheapest and easiest to buy in bulk will be tropical flakes. Flakes, if you’ve not used them before, are super-thin foods that can be easily broken into small pieces by you or by your … Read more

The Ultimate Guide to Breeding Kuhli Loaches

Breeding Kuhli Loaches is no easy task, but if it’s something you want to try then read on. You’ll find everything you need to know, whether you’re hoping to set up your main tank for breeding or whether you want to use a separate breeding tank. Is it hard to breed Kuhli Loaches? It is … Read more

Kuhli Loach Diet & Feeding Guide

Feeding Kuhli Loaches is relatively easy as they’ll eat pretty much anything! However, the ideal Kuhli Loach diet is balanced and varied to make sure they get the proper nutrition. You also need to make sure that Kuhlis get enough food when kept in a community aquarium with other fish who might get there first. … Read more

Kuhli Loach Water Parameters & Temperature Guide

Kuhli Loaches can live in a relatively wide range of tank conditions but are sensitive to changes in their water. Read on for a run-down of the ideal Kuhli Loach water parameters. What pH do Kuhli Loaches like? The ideal Kuhli Loach ph level is 6.5-7.5. Kuhli Loaches prefer water as close to neutral as … Read more

Kuhli Loach Tank Size Guide

This guide to Kuhli Loach tank size will be useful to people who understand that Kuhlis are social fish that need to be kept in groups. Therefore, it’s important to ensure two things: Group size and tank size can’t be separated – the minimum tank size for Kuhli Loaches depends on the size of the … Read more

Are Malaysian Trumpet Snails Good Or Bad For My Aquarium?

There’s a familiar conversation in aquarium forums and Facebook groups. Ask whether Malaysian Trumpet Snails are good or bad, and you’ll always get people telling you they are the worst. However, these people can never say why, other than something vague about overpopulation.  Then you’ll get the less vocal minority giving you all the reasons … Read more

How Many Bloodworms To Feed To A Betta

Bloodworms are a tasty treat that almost every Betta fish loves, but they aren’t the healthiest option. They’re worth including in a Betta’s diet but not as the main food. Which begs the question, how many bloodworms to feed a Betta per day, or should it even be less frequent than that? And what type … Read more