How Much Do Neon Tetras Cost? Neon Tetra Price Guide

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If you’re considering buying for the first time, you’ve come to the right place. This article explores what goes into deciding Neon Tetra prices and what you should look to pay.

So how much is a Neon Tetra? Read on to find out how much you should expect to pay.

How much do Neon Tetras cost?

Neon Tetras cost around $1.50 per fish for juveniles but this can vary. Adult Neons will be more expensive as the seller recoups the cost of feeding and caring for the fish as they grow, so adult Neon Tetras can cost up to around $8 per fish.

Neons are relatively cheap to buy because they are generally bred in captivity, so they can be ‘produced’ in much greater numbers and offer breeders a better economy of scale. Other species like the very similar-looking Cardinal Tetra is usually wild-caught, so there are greater levels of cost involved in getting them to your local fish store.

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Personally I recommend buying a group of at least 10 juveniles. With adults there is less chance of losing your fish as they’ve survived this far, but the additional cost and the fact that a significant amount of their life is already gone lowers the value for money.

Additionally, you need to really trust the store you’re buying from or you run the risk of buying a 3-year old fish that only ever has a 5-6 year lifespan in captivity. If you’re hoping to breed your Neons, you’re better with younger fish as the chances of them becoming pregnant (or ‘gravid’) reduce as they get older.

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How much are Neon Tetras at PetSmart?

Neon Tetras cost between $2-$2.50 at PetSmart, which is slightly above the average. PetSmart’s website states that prices may vary by location, which makes sense as the company has stores nationwide and shipping costs will need to be considered in the price.

Image taken April 1st 2022

PetSmart does have a reputation for being slightly more expensive than local fish and pet stores, as is the case with many of the larger ‘one-stop’ stores across the country that carry high levels of stock and charge customers partly for the convenience of having everything under one roof.

If you’re going to buy Neon Tetras from PetSmart, make sure you buy at least 6 but ideally 10 or more so they feel safe and don’t get stressed and become ill. And of course, make sure your tank is big enough for this many Neons. If you’re unsure, check out my Neon Tetra tank size guide


How much does a Neon Tetra cost?

A Neon Tetra costs between $1-$2 for smaller juvenile fish but can cost up to $8 for larger adults. I would recommend buying juveniles as they’re cheaper, and you can never be fully sure how old an adult fish is if you buy fully-grown.

Are Neon Tetras good for beginners?

Neon Tetras are great for beginners! They’re hardy, extremely peaceful and they’re omnivores, which means they’ll eat pretty much any plant or animal-based foods you want to give them. They are also a low bioload fish, which makes them ideal for starter tanks.


If you like the look of a dozen Neon Tetras shoaling around a fish tank, they’re a great first fish. Make sure you have a tank that can accommodate at least 6-10 Neons without being overstocked, and look to pay between $1-$2 per juvenile.

If you’re new to fishkeeping, check out our Neon Tetra guides below before you buy!

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