Kuhli Loach Types, Varieties, and Colors

There are several different Kuhli Loach types available to keep in your tank, and a wide range of Kuhli Loach colors to choose from. There is also quite a lot of overlap and contradiction online about which subspecies are which. Some of the common names for subspecies are used interchangeably and incorrectly, which can be … Read more

Is Destroying A Betta’s Bubble Nest OK?

There’s something unsettling about destroying a Betta’s bubble nest. But is it actually doing any harm? Male Betta fish will often build a bubble nest – a layer of bubbles – at the top of the tank. They do this to help protect any eggs, but they don’t need a female in order to set … Read more

Why Does My Betta Have Clamped Fins?

Betta fish are beautiful and are known for their large, flowing fins. So when they suffer from clamped fins, Betta fish are telling you that something’s not quite right. Clamped fins isn’t super uncommon, and it often comes with a bunch of other symptoms in your Betta fish too. There can be a number of … Read more

Ember Tetra: The Ultimate Care Guide

Are you looking for a fun and colorful new fish for your aquarium?  If so, the Ember Tetra is a great choice.  They are beautiful freshwater fish that would be a great addition to any tank. In this Ember Tetra care guide, you will learn everything you need to know about caring for these fun … Read more

Betta and Shrimp: Can They Live Together?

When choosing a tank mate for a Betta fish, you need to find something that won’t threaten the fish, nor bring out its aggressive side. For that reason, Betta and shrimp often make excellent tankmates – as long as you choose the right species. There’s no guarantee it will work though, as some Betta fish … Read more